1- In accordance with the Consumer Protection Law No. 6502, it is obliged to check for defects during the delivery of the products it has ordered.

2- If there is a clear defect in the delivered products, the Buyer is obliged to notify the Seller within 2 (two) business days, in accordance with Article 6102 TCC 23/C. Otherwise, the Buyer will be deemed to have accepted the delivered product in its defective condition, in accordance with Article 223 of the Turkish Debt Law No. 6098.

3- The Buyer is obliged to notify the Seller about the return request together with the defect notice and must send the products back to the Seller for examination, together with the original packaging, delivery note and invoice.

4- Apart from the damage caused by the delivery carrier, if there is any abnormal situation such as damage, dents or wetness that can be noticed without opening the package; The buyer must request the delivery person to prepare a report.

5- The seller carries out the necessary checks after the notification is made in accordance with the procedure and the product is delivered to him; If the Buyer is correct in his statements, he replaces the defective product and delivers it to the Buyer at his own expense. The buyer can also request a refund if he/she wishes. In this case, the refund will be made within ten (10) business days.

6- If the returned products are out of stock, the Seller declares and undertakes within ten (10) business days that it will refund the product amount to the Buyer in the same way as the collected method without paying any interest.


7- In product returns, the provisions of the Tax Procedure Law No. 213 and relevant legislation are reserved, and the Buyer and Seller are obliged to comply with the specified provisions.


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